All you need to know about royalty free images

//All you need to know about royalty free images

All you need to know about royalty free images

You probably have at one point in your busy blogging life downloaded and used one or two images from the Internet. During the downloading process, I assume that you did not pay any amount for downloading or using the photos. The big question is, did you act legally by downloading and using someone else’s images or simply put, are all pictures posted online royalty free?

 Royalty free images

Many computer industry standards, more specifically those that have been developed and submitted by private companies or industry consortiums involve full fees for the implementation of these standards. These royalties are charged on a ‘per device/per port’ basis where the end user is required to pay a fixed fee for each download or a substantial annual set for unlimited downloads made.

In photography and illustration industry, copyright licenses are issued to users who meet specific requirements which revolve around paying a certain amount of money to the licensor. Some licensors usually charge a one-off fee while others typically charge a monthly fee for usage of their images.

 What do the term royalty free images mean?

Royalty free means that you pay a one-off fee in exchange for exclusive rights to use a specific image or some other work protected by trademark, patent or copyright. It does not in any proven way mean that the action or vision you intend to download and use is copyright free.

 What does the term editorial free images mean?

Editorial free images are images which are licensed and cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes. Instead, such photos are allowed to be used in a magazine or newspaper article. Some are generally acknowledged to be used on websites or blogs and in non-commercial presentations for descriptive purposes only.

 Can you use copyright free images for book covers?

No, you cannot. Publishing firms are only required to use images that they wholly own. Most of them usually use stock photos which are royalty-free, i.e. owned by the firm which has made full payments and met all the legal requirements.

More than 70% of online images are royalty free. Very few online pictures are free and have no legal ownership. The best way to find out whether an image is royalty free or not is to check the image information which is generally provided by the search engine being used.


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